Friday, May 28, 2010

Women are idiots

I subject myself to public judgement for such a harsh accusation. But, please, let the first to cast the stone be she who has never tasted the apple of forbidden love; she who has never sacrificed her principles of the altar of improper love; she who has never traded reason for evanescent ecstasy.

We cling to men who don't want us. We crumple values and principles and throw them away for a man. We give up our pleasures for his. We make requested or unrequested sacrifices for a love that may not be shared. We fill buckets with tears, bags with humiliation and we build piles of frustration. 

And we accuse them: because they don't want us; because they're insensitive jerks; because they don't cherish us; because they ask for too much and give too little in return; because they don't understand and don't appreciate what we do; because they're mean and evil and idiots.

Is it really that way? Or are we the idiots? We magnify their flaws but fail to see our own. 
Yes, we are idiots indeed. Because we throw ourselves in the arms of the most improper men and accuse them for our bad choices. Or, even better, we sometimes find a good man and we don't appreciate him whatsoever. On the contrary, we inflict on him frustrations, failures and flaws that are not his.

We think with our heart and feel with our brain. We make upside-down judgments, we're moody, masochist, emotional, over-sensitive or over-rational. And we refuse to widely open our eyes in order to see the "real" reality, not the reality we choose. 

If only we stopped for a moment to carefully look at ourselves, we'd realize that it is not Them to blame. 

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